Dave Longman speaking at Tech Exeter Conference

Dave Longman


Replacing Testers with Developers

Modern software release cycles are getting shorter and shorter. Modern development languages and frameworks enable developers to produce new features faster than ever. With the trend of shorter sprints and a general move towards continuous delivery it is becoming more and more difficult to get everything ready to release without testing becoming a bottleneck.

Existing testing processes cannot keep up with the rapid release pace demanded by more and more companies. So what can we do about this? One approach is to turn your development team into testers, get them to think more like a tester thereby reducing the number of issues that get past the developers IDE. But does this work and how do you go about doing it?

In this session I will explain what we have done to help our developers become testers. I'll talk about the challenges we faced as well as the benefits that it brought for our projects. We'll also look at what impact this had on the developers and more crucially on the testers.


Dave Longman is a Product Owner and Scrum Master with 8 years’ experience building agile teams. He currently works for Headforwards, leading agile teams split between Cornwall and Kent. Previously he worked for IDBS in Surrey managing technical teams and leading an agile transformation of the Product Delivery organisation.

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