Samantha Adams speaking at Tech Exeter Conference

Samantha Adams

Met Office

Machine Learning, AI and the Brain

Originally purely academic research fields, Machine Learning and AI are now definitely mainstream and frequently mentioned in the Tech media (and regular media too). We’ve also got the explosion of Data Science which encompasses these fields and more. There’s a lot of interesting things going on and a lot of positive as well as negative hype.

The terms ML and AI are often used interchangeably and techniques are also often described as being inspired by the brain. In this talk I will explore the history and evolution of these fields, current progress and the challenges in making artificial brains.


I’m primarily a computer scientist, but in 2009 I decided to study for a PhD in Computational Neuroscience/ Robotics. I currently work at the Met Office and remain an associate researcher with Plymouth University. My research interests could be described as ‘biologically inspired computing’ which encompasses Machine learning and AI.

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