Cerys Hearsey speaking at Tech Exeter Conference

Cerys Hearsey


Building & Leading A Hybrid Robot-Human Workforce

New examples of the hybrid workforce are appearing all the time. Amazon’s warehouse with robotic shelves, the exoskeleton trialled at Daewoo and the financial services startups using algorithms to deliver advice show us what is already possible.

We can see that the reality of a hybrid workforce is no longer confined to science fiction. What role will humans play in the future of a 21st Century organisation?

I'll address some key challenges that I believe we will encounter on that journey & discuss potential solutions.


Cerys is Post*Shift's lead consultant on technology-enabled organisation design. She currently teaches executives and change agents at large enterprises on the methods of enabling agile, distributed change.

In her fifteen years working with enterprise clients, Cerys has helped them to understand how cutting-edge technology will change their business and how to design for it. Cerys is happiest at work when armed with sticky notes and a kanban board. Outside of work, she enjoys diving sunken WWII vessels in the Thames Estuary.

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