Henderson Theatre

Hosted by Adam Lusby

Exeter Business School

Adam is a circular economy specialist, associate lecturer for the Exeter MBA and a senior research fellow at the University of Exeter's Business School.

Interested in regenerative systems, design, business, social and physical technologies.

Co-Host: Evelyn Hussain

MBA candidate at The University of Exeter

Evelyn's background is in design and branding, and she has keen interests in sustainability and technology. She runs Greenologue, a social media platform created with the purpose of building affinity between designers and sustainability.



Bateman Theatre

Hosted by Lyssa-Fee Crump

Marketing Manager at MUTU System

Lyssa is focused on empowering and encouraging more women into tech. She leads the South West arm of Google Women Techmakers and has been a STEM ambassador for a number of years. These roles allow her to inspire the next generation and make sure they know that anyone can have a successful career in the tech industry.  

She is also an avid GIF lover – which you will know if you have seen her speak before!


Infrastructure & Devops

Matrix Theatre

Hosted by Duncan Thomson

Freelance Web Developer

Duncan Thomson is a software artisan for Chaos Generators, creating tools that help people tell stories. Focusing on tabletop games such as Dungeons and Dragons he also writes tech and random generation articles on Medium and randroll.com

He is the founder and co-organiser of the Python Exeter meetup and previously the main organiser for both .NET Exeter and Data Science Exeter