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Kris preps the first speaker at Tech Exeter 2019

Our key word for this year's tech and digital conference is Community. We'd like to get your talks, workshops and panel sessions on anything to do with community building, servicing and supplying communities, and anything related to the tech+digital community.

Deadline for submissions is midnight on June 31st 2022
Apply at
  • You don't need to have spoken at a conference before
  • We welcome non-technical talks, but our focus is science / tech / engineering / art / math (STEAM)
  • Returning speakers are welcome
  • You can submit multiple talks
  • Get paid £ to speak (see below)
  • If you have a talk that isn't community focused - submit it anyway! We have 3 tracks of talks to fill, plus monthly meetups, so we need your submissions!

Am I techy enough? / I haven’t done this before …

Short answer: You are techy enough, and you can do this!

Long answer:

If you have a passion about a topic, whatever experience level, then we want to hear from you.
If you haven’t done this before then we can help. We can review your slides, help with individual presentation styles and formats, and make sure you are fully prepared.

Get paid? What?!

That’s right – we value our speakers time and will pay for you to speak at this event!

Everyone receives the same flat fee (the exact amount will be determined based on ticket sales and sponsorship monies raised) – you can spend this on travel / accomodation / whatever you want!

Deadline for submissions is midnight on June 31st 2022
Apply at
Nichola Whiting speaks at Tech Exeter 2019