Jon Stace

Principal Technical Consultant - Software Solved Ltd

An Introduction to Machine Learning Using TensorFlow

This talk will cover practical real-world uses for Machine Learning, with examples using the popular TensorFlow library.
In this session, I'll cover:

  • an introduction to Machine Learning and how it fits into the larger AI landscape
  • a comparison of TensorFlow to other Machine Learning tools
  • how to use TensorFlow, including setting up your development environment
  • how to embed TensorFlow into your application, using the language of choice (example in C#)
  • a demonstration of the new TendorFlow.js library running Machine Learning in your web browser.

  • What will people get from this session?

    An understanding of where Machine Learning can be applied to real-world business problems. When to use TensorFlow versus other Machine Learning tools. How to go about implementing TensorFlow into your applications.

  • What level of technical ability or prior knowledge of the topic will people need?