Joseph Woodward

Software Engineer - Just Eat

Improving System Resiliency via Chaos Engineering

Advances in Cloud technology means systems are becoming increasingly more distributed and complex. Large monoliths are being split up into microservices and Functions as a Service (FaaS)/Serverless are becoming more common. The very nature of distributed systems mean they're far more prone to failures than similarly-scoped monoliths; this makes predicting or preventing possible failure modes increasingly more difficult.

In this talk we'll look at how we harness Chaos Engineering, a discipline pioneered by Netflix, to better understand our systems, their failure modes and how we can use this information to improve system overall resiliency and reliability.

  • What will people get from this session?

    A firm understanding of some of the failure modes that are inherent in distributed systems, what Chaos Engineering is and how to conduct chaos experiments.

  • What level of technical ability or prior knowledge of the topic will people need?

    No prior knowledge / entry-level