Lucy Knight

Data Scientist - Food Standards Agency

Unicorns Aren’t Real

Are you constantly hearing about data science ‘unicorns’ and wondering whether these mythical cross-discipline full-stack beasts really exist? Are you looking at data science as a career or study option? Maybe you’re wondering if you should hire a data scientist because everyone else seems to have one. When you get right down to it, what does it all mean? This short talk will examine the expectations and misunderstandings around what it means to be a data scientist. Warning: May or may not contain actual unicorns.

  • What will people get from this session?

    An understanding of the data science skill set. Some real examples of pathways and options. Practical tips for developing your own skills or boosting capacity in your team.

  • What level of technical ability or prior knowledge of the topic will people need?

    No prior knowledge / entry-level