Video Game Accessibility So Everyone Can Play

Track: 1 (MAIN STAGE) Type of session: talk
Start Time: 12.45 Entry-level / open to all

Video games are an important part of childhood. We have seen how they have kept children connected with each other and provided space to escape the world. They are also a playground where physical ability isn’t the defining factor of who can play or who wins.

Finding the right games for your child can be hard, but the Family Video Game Database ( provides a way to search for a perfect match. This includes over 100 fields to help you find family games for those with a disability.

In this talk, Andy explains the breadth of video game accessibility and walks you through the search tools available to find the games with features to enable your family to play games together.

Session takeaways

  • "When everyone plays we all win"
  • How to find video games for people with specific requirements
  • Video Game accessibility is more complicated (and more achievable) than you think


Andy is a journalist for BBC and The Guardian who has recently written the Taming Gaming book for parents.

To support the book he created the Family Video Game database and is always happy to offer advice to parents and guardians about healthy gaming.

Useful links:

  • Accessibility dataset on the database: [link]
  • Accessibility game search on the database: [link]
  • Example of game with high accessibility: [link]
Note: Speaker information is subject to change

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