Technology Viability and Innovation - The importance of trying everything

Track: 2 (TECH TRACK) Type of session: talk
with Live Q&A
Start Time: 15.30 Entry-level / open to all

In this talk we will be looking at the concept of how innovation is fuelled by the ability and access to explore different ways of thinking and doing.

It has been said that entrepreneurship is to “take action to create something new of value to others through the process of trial and error”.

Delving in to this further exposes the need to seek and put in place access to resources that can enable that trial and error.

This can look like physical resources, such as new software and hardware. But this can also look like access to people, in the form of peers, leaders, academia and so on.

Finally, we’ll shine a light on the art of looking sideways and how exploring unrelated technology, communities and methodology can bring new ways of thinking to your own.

Session takeaways

  • An understanding of how to approach problem solving through trial and error
  • Why it's important to stay connected to communities and how to do so
  • How exploring technology tangents can bring new insight to their own work


Having started life as a graphic and web designer/developer, I have moved in around the support landscape for 15 years.

I have specialised in helping startups and small organisations to make technology decisions that can scale as they grow.

This has led to my current role as SETsquared Technology Manager, running a structured programme of technology evaluation and incubation support.

Note: Speaker information is subject to change

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