Olly Stephens

Lead architect for engineering infrastructure - ARM UK

Namespaces and cgroups; do you know what a container is?

We probably all use and rely on containerisation every day; the release of Docker in 2013 triggered a major change in the way we package and deploy modern applications. But do we really understand what a container is? In this talk I’ll address this fundamental question the best way I’ve seen it done - by writing one from scratch, live. OK, so it won’t be particularly feature rich, but it will help demonstrate the basic building blocks that are used to create this enabling technology.

  • What will people get from this session?

    A better understanding of the basic building blocks that make up linux containerisation. Some simple Go code they can take away and play with. Enjoying the jeopardy of watching someone live coding at a tech conference

  • What level of technical ability or prior knowledge of the topic will people need?