Clever Comms - Using data to tell better stories

Track: 3 (DIGITAL TRACK) Type of session: talk
with Live Q&A
Start Time: 12.15 Entry-level / open to all

Data is arguably the most important asset in the organization. How we use it and its role in driving communication is a challenge, despite the ever growing access to platforms, dashboards - and yet more data.

As well as technical obstacles, analysing data to extract the most engaging story presents us with a huge human challenge in terms of communication, collaboration and how we align our data picture with what we know about our audience, and what they want to read.

Business storytelling can overcome these obstacles and enable us to extract the hero characters and present them to an audience using the words they respond best to. If we combine our knowledge about audience and customer journey we can analyze customer advocacy with storytelling data and find a whole new way of communicating.

Every business has a compelling story, but not every business understands the value of the data and how it shapes that story.

In this engaging and insightful session, we explore the advantages of treating data as a narrative tool, ways to enhance communication and increase messaging impact.

Session takeaways

  • Where to find the most valuable data and how to use it to deliver compelling content to a wide audience
  • Better understanding of the value of their business data
  • Importance of business storytelling


After more than 20 years as a senior editor and tech journalist, I founded a content and digital communications agency with the sole aim of helping small businesses raise their profile and get seen online.

Today, The Hammond Agency has grown and I focus on strategic communications, storytelling and digital PR. I take a data-driven approach to help businesses of all sizes make sure that no story is wasted - and that all channels present a readable, consistent message that encourages trusted relationships to grow between brands and customers.

Note: Speaker information is subject to change

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