How to buy a really big computer

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Over the past two years the Met Office has set out to upgrade it's Exeter based Supercomputers. They are the largest computers dedicated to weather and climate in the world.

This talk looks at what it takes to convince government to spend a significant amount of money on an IT upgrade that can change the world.

Session takeaways

  • Understand what a supercomputer is and does
  • Learn about how government spends £1bn
  • Gain insight into how you move 1 petabyte of data a day


I am the Met Office IT Fellow specialising in Supercomputing Architecture. Accountable for overseeing the technical design, implementation and future direction of the largest Supercomputing dedicated to weather and climate research in the world. I have a focus on external engagement with the UK and International Supercomputing and Cloud Hyperscaler communities.

I am the Programme architect for the £1.2bn Met Office Supercomputer 2020+ programme. During the procurement phase I was the package lead for the Data Centre, Connectivity and Scientific Compute Environment packages. I also oversaw the requirement capture and design of the active data archive expected to handle 1PB of data archival a day with a maximum capacity of ~4 Exabytes.

I have led teams creating the UK national infrastructure around National Severe Weather Warnings as well as services for the Defence, Aviation and Retail industries. Previously, I worked in the Research and Development team on predictive analytics solutions for a series of small companies specialising in HR and services for the police.

I studied for a MEng in Software Engineering at Aberystwyth University and am a Chartered Engineer and Chartered IT Professional.

Note: Speaker information is subject to change

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