Date: 10th September 2020 Digital Exeter
Track: 2 Type of session: Lightning Talk
Start Time: 14:05 Level: No prior knowledge / entry-level

Search Revenue Strategy to Kickstart Revenue Growth

Note: Speaker information is preliminary and subject to change

Well! Data is the mother of all inventions, as it describes the need. With this session, I would want to share my journey from a writer to a product to business head, and the journey that was all based on 3 things: understanding the need through data and by just being human, building what matters.. and what matters always added revenue to the ecosystem at large.

After the talk, join Laurent, Sabrina and Sharon for a panel session, with questions from you, the audience!

Session takeaways

  • knowledge of building New Revenue Products based on user search
  • how to maximize revenue in existing products through search data
  • content strategy is the base of long term revenue goals


I work as Search Business Head at Times Internet. One of the unique roles where I get to build revenue specific products based on search intent across Times Group sites. My expertise on product management, business strategy, content strategy, affiliate marketing, search, data analysis and high CTR with conversions has evolved new business models.

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