Midi Birds - Adventures in browser wonderland

Type of session: talk Track: 2 (BATEMAN THEATRE)
Start Time: 16.00

What does a meetup-loving software engineer do when our in-person communities disappear overnight?

This one disconnected from the modern world and found a completely new community on his doorstep. One comprised entirely of birds. After spending 12 months feeding, recording, and identifying them, he now has the perfect dataset to get geeky and have some fun.

Bird song is a great example of the algorithmic properties of nature. Web Midi is the perfect way to express the algorithmic beauty of music in a digital-first world. But what happens when you merge the two together within a web browser?

In his talk, Tony aims to find out. Using the bird song captured during lockdown series one & two as a starting point, and with the help of his trusty MIDI controller, Tony will guide the Tech & Digital Exeter community through a few interactive demos.

Session takeaways

  • A basic understanding of MIDI & Web Midi
  • A desire to be mindful of the nature around them
  • Inspiration to play with technology in fun ways


Tony is a part of That Seagull Bob’s flock, a full-time cat carer, a part-time rapper, and an occasional morris dancer. When not doing any of these, you’re likely to find him snoozing in the back garden or helping software businesses grow.

Note: Speaker information is subject to change

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