picture of a video camera (foreground right) with presenters in the background

This year our conference is 100% virtual - and 100% awesome!

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What's included in the ticket?

  • Access to the 3 track conference stream, broadcasting live from our Exeter studio in Kaleider
  • Access to our conference platform to ask questions and chat with speakers and attendees
  • Access to all session recordings for 7 days after the event
    This means you can re-watch the event from any timezone! (this event is BST / UTC +0100)
  • Access to our interactive features including networking and our after-party

We are committed to Accessibility

We want to make this event as accessible to all as possible - this is a hard task for a live event with our tiny budget, but we're committed to:

  1. Have all pre-recorded content captioned in advance
  2. Add live automated captions to live feeds, and then have manual captions added and be uploaded a few days later
  3. Make available all content after the event broadcasts for 7 days, allowing you to catch up if you missed anything

Tweet by Terry McCann picturing a still of the conference broadcast, saying 'Im loving the look and feel of the event' Tweet by Tamsin Hodge picturing a still of a conference call, saying 'Having a very interesting discussion with Tariq on the importance of diversity in AI'

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* Image credits: Carly Britton, Nicole Whiting, Benjamin Herbert