Building a Global Art Community Across Multiple Teams

Type of session: talk Track: 1 (HENDERSON THEATRE)
Start Time: 11.30

Sharing inspiration, ideas and issues is a fundamental part of daily life, especially in creative fields. Xbox Games Studios is made up of over 20 Studios across the globe, and we are constantly growing. A few years ago we begun building a new digital community for our artists and creators, which was growing slowly. Then in March 2020 we all started working from home, communication changed, the way we worked changed. Digital interactions and communities became so much more vital.

In this talk I will share our experience in building this community and how various other initiatives co-exist and enhance it. I will share the highs and lows – what went well, and what I would do differently.

Session takeaways

  • Tools and techniques used to bring people together
  • Tips for driving engagement
  • The Importance of connecting over a shared interest


I have worked in both AAA games and AR/VR experiences across Microsoft and Xbox for 14 years in the role of “Technical Artist”. This can mean a few things depending where you look, but basically it’s “someone who can do art but also write code” (but usually many other things). We are a bridge between disciplines within game development, as well as a support role for many on the team. My career took myself and my wife to the Pacific Northwest in the US for nearly a decade where we lived in the Seattle suburbs – all 3 of my kids were born there.

I love making games and helping others make games. My role now is half supporting others and half R&D/incubation. I am trying to also make a game in my free time, but with kids it’s slow going :)

Note: Speaker information is subject to change

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