How to create accessible social media content

Track: 3 (DIGITAL TRACK) Type of session: talk
with Live Q&A
Start Time: 13.00 Entry-level / open to all

Drawing on 6 years’ of freelance social media management for a range of clients across industries, Bex will share her top tips for creating engaging organic content.

LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram all have specific features that individuals and businesses can use to ensure their posts and profiles are accessible to the widest range of audiences possible. Expect best practice examples and actionable tips.

This talk will be aimed at those both new to and experienced with social media.

Session takeaways

  • Why accessible social content is important
  • Best practice examples
  • Actionable tips to take away and implement


A countryside childhood led Rebecca to study Biology at the University of Exeter, with high hopes of learning how to save the planet. Science turned out to mainly mean jumping through academic hoops in a lab coat, so she volunteered at science festivals, studied business modules, edited a newspaper, and interned in marketing agencies - all of which confirmed a new aim of freelance comms (fittingly, her final project won the cohort award for Best Communication). Rebecca received disabled student support while studying and remains passionate about increasing accessibility regardless of health conditions.

Saving the planet remains a priority for Rebecca, but she now pursues this by elevating the work of her ethical clients and by supporting NGOs.

Rebecca was included in Exeter’s 100 Most Influential Women, and the only way she can share such information without cringing is by writing in the third person.

Rebecca is the youngest Trustee Director to sit on the board of a Wildlife Trust (Devon), and spends about half a day a week living out her saving the planet dreams on a regional level. She Chairs DWT’s Nomination and Development Committee, through which she champions diversity, inclusion, and anti-racism.

She goes by Bex, never Becky, and - being from the North - will have extra gravy, please.

Note: Speaker information is subject to change

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